New Life’s Educational Program

The primary purpose of New Life’s Educational Programs is to prepare students to return to public or private schools so that they may complete their courses of study and obtain a diploma. The student must be able to function in the classroom respecting peers and staff, and must handle tasks in a responsible and competent manner.

To accomplish these goals, New Life seeks to address problems of truancy, school phobia, disrespect, disruption, social dysfunction, responsibility avoidance, lack of credits, and academic depression. An educational plan is developed from an educational profile which indicates behavioral and academic needs and levels. Integral to this developmental plan is individual, group and family counseling.

Critical to the student’s success is the posture of the teacher—one of counselor, giving encouragement and clear direction, and one of disciplinarian motivating students and holding high expectations. Students are viewed as an individuals and every reasonable effort is made by the teacher to help them achieve their academic and behavioral goals. Small class sizes ranging from 8–13 allow teachers to give the necessary attention to the behavior and the academic performance of each student.

Academically, the student may make up or establish credits to be transferred back to their home school district. In the case of older students, they may complete their high school career at New Life and receive their diploma from their home school district. According to each student’s needs, additional preparation for employment is provided through the occupational skills training program and work-study opportunities.