A Safe Place Of Hope, Healing & New Beginnings.

The driving force behind our founder’s creation of New Life was the passage “Where There Is No Vision (hope), The People Perish”. During his early years as Pennsylvania State Police special investigator, Walter Haman was forever changed to witness the growing epidemic of innocent young lives careening off course, unable to escape the darkness and despair of a life without hope. Deeply touched by that burden, he walked away from a extraordinary career as Presidential Bodyguard in the United States Secret Service to dedicate the rest of his life to restoring hope to America’s troubled youth and providing a safe place where they could receive the healing, guidance and education needed to live a rich and rewarding life.

Since 1953, New Life Youth & Family Services has been been a safe place of hope, healing and new beginnings, providing help to the hurting and hope to the hopeless. A non-denominational Christian organization, we are guided by the example of unconditional love shown by Jesus Christ and by the realization that none of God’s precious creations are ever “too far gone” to experience the incredibly transformational power of hope.

What Makes New Life Different?

  • Our Experience: Since first opening our doors, more than 40,000 kids have passed through our doors. It is truly awesome to consider the number of lives which are forever different because of the the mission started many years ago.
  • Our People: New Life is proud to have the finest group of clinical professionals, teachers, staff and volunteers in the nation. Since 1953 it has been our people that have made the difference by providing a tranquil, caring and therapeutic environment where our kids can find the healing they need to lead a rich and fulfilling life.
  • Our Programs: We have a wide array of programs aimed at helping to heal, educate and give children the skills necessary, including a full private school, culinary arts program, equine therapy, sports field, baseball field, gymnasium and much more.