New Life’s Community¬†Visitation Program

New Life staff provides purposeful and frequent visits for children of any age who are placed in out-of-home care in many areas including Montgomery and Chester County. The special service focuses on helping parents maintain healthy relationships with their child as well as caring assistance in any areas that would enable the child to return home.

The Goal:

The goal is to provide purposeful and frequent visits for children who are placed in out of home care. Through these visits Chester County Department of Children & Youth (D.C.Y.F.) will be better able to assess the family and child’s needs leading to either reunification or other permanency plans.

The Service Provides:

  • A case manager to arrange visits for children and their families
  • Convenient locations for visits
  • Help in making the visit a positive experience for the child and their family
  • Someone to talk to concerning the visit

WHERE will the visits take place?

  • At locations close to the birth parents (visiting sites are established in West Chester, Coatesville, Oxford and Phoenixville) at a park, recreation center or area that would be good for the child
  • At the parents’ home or the home of their relative
  • At school
  • At any location that you, the birth parents and the worker decides appropriate. (The court may place guidelines on where visits can take place)

WHEN will the visits take place?

  • The first visit will take place as soon as possible, hopefully within 2 or 3 days of placement. Ongoing visits will take place weekly if at all possible.

HOW can this work?

  • With all our best efforts. Positive input, the hard work of the birth parents, you and the Visitation‚Äôs Staff at New Life will make visits successful.