New Life Youth & Family Services Therapeutic Programs

The New Life Youth & Family Services, as a Christian organization combines various treatment approaches into an individual program for each young person and his/her family. New Life offers a variety of intervention and treatment programs including Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), Traditional Residential Program, Day Treatment/Alternative Education Program and Community Based Prevention/ Aftercare Programs.

Treatment is individually focused and designed to meet the specific needs of each young person in our care and is practiced with an understanding of the young person’s family and home community. A multi-disciplinary team develops, implements and evaluates clinical treatment and education for each young person we serve. This intervention is active, directive and based on the assumption that all youths have talents, strengths and the capacity to grow and learn in a positive way. In addition, families are of critical importance to the success of treatment and, as a result, the young person’s family is included as an essential part of all decision-making and treatment planning. Particular emphasis in treatment is placed on assisting and encouraging each young person to develop and grow in his or her level of responsibility and accountability for their own behavior and attitude.

Based on the systems theory, and using elements of Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive Reframing and Reality Therapy, professional staff consistently bring to each young person’s awareness his or her behavior that requires attention. This is done through developing or strengthening more positive behaviors, or through weakening or eliminating negative behaviors. Through these efforts and a variety of other activities, team members are dedicated to helping young people develop positive relationships, enhance their level of confidence, build self-esteem and better control and manage their behavior. Lastly, New Life Youth & Family Services strongly embrace the CASSP (Child Adolescent Service System Program) and BARJ (Balanced and Restorative Justice) principles as foundational in preparing all young people for safety, permanency and well-being.