This Is Why We Do What We Do.

It can be very easy to at times to feel absolutely overwhelmed being exposed on a regular basis to the incredible hurt and hopelessness that the most vulnerable of God’s precious creations endure. Yet it always seems as if just in time, the amazing testimonials of those affected by our work reach out and touch OUR lives and give US hope to press on. It could be a letter from a student that is now a grandparent writing to tell us about how New Life changed not one life but generations of an entire family. Other times it’s having someone come up to you at a supermarket with tears streaming down their face to thank you for saving their life by being the first person that ever really cared at a dark time where they were paralyzed with the hopelessness and despair of abuse. THIS is what it is all about, this is what for 60 years has made New Life such and incredibly special place. This is why we do what we do.

Are you a member of the New Life family? We love hearing from those incredibly special people that have shared a portion of their life with us! Please feel free to contact us anytime and share your special story or reconnect.

“I Discovered Hope”

“I guess you could say I had just about the worst “home” life possible for a child. I had no family, no love, no hope, no reason to even live. I started heavily using drugs and alcohol to drown out the pain but it never worked. I hit absolute rock bottom and ended up getting sent to New Life. I could tell from the time I set foot on the property that something was very different. I had never trusted anyone in my life but for the first time these people seemed to really care about me. They helped me work out some of the issues from the pain I had suffered. Then my life changed forever. I discovered hope. Before New Life, nothing mattered. I could care less if I lived or died because all I had ever been told was how I was a nobody – a waste. When I realized that I mattered and that I could do anything I put my mind to, suddenly I felt very alive. I am 47 years old now with 4 kids of my own and a wonderful wife. My experience at New Life literally changed my life forever and I can’t thank you enough”

– Joseph, Reading PA

“You All Really Care About The Kids”

We received a note from a very appreciative Great Grandmother of one of the children in our program. The child currently has no family and has been place in multiple facilities prior to coming to New Life. She says: “……You all really care about the kids! None of the other facilities he was at cared about him the way you do there at New Life. We can’t thank you enough for treating my great grandson like he was a member of your family.”

– Mrs. R

“I Was Going Down The Wrong Path”

“When I was sent to New Life I was very angry. Angry with my mom for not caring, angry at my dad for disappearing, angry with the world, and to be honest, angry at being at New Life. I began to notice something different. I didn’t think anyone would really care about me and that these people were not for real. I quickly realized that they were real and that they did care. They showed me by their actions that it didn’t matter how messed up I was and I realized that there is a God who cares about me and I didn’t need be perfect to become the kind of person I knew I wanted to be. I won’t bore you with a long story but I am so grateful to the people from New Life that were there for me. There is no doubt in my mind that if I had not had the experience I did, I would either be dead or spending a life in jail. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Mike, Chester County PA

“You Helped Me Turn My Life Around”

“I was the first female at Brett’s Place house at New Life. I have since turned my life around and am presently majoring in Math Education and minoring in Psychology. I am now heading into my third year at Virginia State University. I want to give back to the community by talking to the youth and showing them I am living proof that a person can change their life around for the better and become a productive citizen in society.”

– L.R.

“This Was My Turning Point”

“I don’t think I was a bad kid but I definitely was going in the wrong direction. My family life was extremely dysfunctional with a single parent mom that was too busy dealing with her own demons to worry about my brother and me. Just to get out of the house I began hanging around with the wrong crowd, began to drink, then started doing drugs and before I knew what was happening I was in serious trouble. I was the master of the tough exterior but I was an absolute mess inside. When I was sent to New Life and I felt desperate for someone to help me. I was out of control and didn’t know how to stop. I can’t explain it but I felt at home here, actually for the first time I could remember I felt like I mattered to someone. I made a decision there that was definitely the turning point of my life. I have two boys that would never believe the mess that I had been as a kid. I now live in New Jersy and work in the youth ministry at my church and own my own company with 5 employees. How do you thank someone that helped you find hope? I can’t tell everyone there how much I appreciate being there for me and allowing me to get a second chance at life.”

– Jen, Lehigh Valley PA

“I Have Never Forgotten You”

“I was at New Life in 1966 and 1967. The love shown to me there changed my life forever and I will have never forgotten everyone there nor can I ever thank you enough for being responsible for helping me discover hope at a time when I had no reason to live. New Life was the only family I have ever known and because of your compassion and example I am alive and have lived a wonderful and fulfilling live. I am convinced that without you none of this would have ever been possible.”

– Mr. B., Montgomery County PA

“New Life Was Like My Family”

“Hello, My name is ….. and I was a client at New Life for a year and a half. New Life not only rescued my family life but it changed me as a person. To whomever reads this I want you to know that New Life was like my family and surprisingly, I really miss it. I now attend a private boarding school where I am on the honor roll. Please let the staff know that I miss them very much and can never thank them for the change they brought to my life.”

– David, Bucks County PA

“New Life Was Great For Me”

“New Life was great for me in 1989 and 1990. If it wasn’t for New Life, I would never have been where I am today. New Life allowed me to get back on track and to this day I am so thankful for them and everything that they did. I am now a successful inventor with my own business and I look forward to visiting again and seeing what I can do to help.”

– Al, Montgomery County PA

“New Life Literally Saved My Life”

“It seems like a very bad dream when I think about my childhood, my mom left me with my dad who abused me for many years before I was taken and placed into foster care. Because of my issues I just didn’t fit in with those familes and I was sent to New Life. I thought I would hate it but it turned out to be the first time I have ever know love and family. You showed me that I really mattered and that God cared and saved a poor wretch like me as it says in Amazing Grace the song. New Life showed me that I am somebody and that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I graduated from Rutgers and am now a successful engineer with a wife, two boys, a girl and a Great Dane. It must be really tough deal with kids like me every day, I am sorry for what I was but can tell you that even on my worst days, your patience and kindness was getting through to me even if it didn’t seem like it at the time. I have such fond memories of New Life and the Godly and caring staff, I know that my life would be totally different had I not had the opportunity to have had the experience there.”

– Collen, Berks County PA

“I Have Often Reflected On How New Life Influenced My Life”

“In my youth I was a former resident at New Life and in the years that followed, while there have been mistakes along the way, I now have a wife of fourteen years and six beautiful children that I would like to be not only productive members of society, but wonderful human beings as well, who use God as their compass. Over the years I have often reflected on how much New Life has influenced my life in a positive way and remember fondly those who did their best to teach and guide me. Names such as Ted, Quinn, Lou, Lily, Mrs. Georgian,Gibby, Ernie, Mr. Brickhouse… Just a wonderful team of individuals who wanted to make a difference and if they are still doing that same work, and have the same mission how could I not want to be a part of it.”

– A.W. Montgomery County PA