Residential Program

The New Life Residential Program for youth ranging in age from 12 to 18 who are struggling with a range of emotional and behavioral issues. Located in Schwenksville, PA, New Life provides individualized residential treatment through a solid integration of therapeutic, academic, social, and environmental interventions that help adolescents gain a sense of self worth and personal control in their lives. We are dedicated to helping young people and their families grow and create positive change in their lives and in the lives of those around them. Such positive change encourages personal responsibility, accountability and empowerment.

Counseling/Treatment Services

The treatment philosophy of New Life’s Residential Program has the following key components:

  • Quality Assessment of the Individual
  • Relationship Focus and Social Development
  • Health, Safety and Security
  • Sensitivity to Varied Trauma in Client’s History
  • Multiple Therapeutic Approaches
  • Respect for the Values, Background, and practices of the Client.

The Treatment Team are focused on helping young people achieve their goals. Each client is treated as an individual and her treatment program and interventions reflect her personal goals. Residents participate in a comprehensive range of clinical interventions, and prescribed therapeutic activities that include individual group and family therapy.

Ongoing psychological and psychiatric evaluation and consultation are available as are Medication Management, Nursing and Health Services, Life Skills and Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services.
We are committed to providing a service that recognizes the positive qualities in all young women and addresses with love, care and sensitivity the self-defeating behaviors and serious emotional struggles that can overshadow these qualities. For young women, these challenges can impact every area of their lives and result in fear, anger, sadness, and disappointment for them as well as for their loved ones. We believe New Life will provide young men and women with opportunities to change. This will build on the positive qualities that are already there and will empower youth and their family in our care to improve their lives and rebuild their relationships.

Referrals – Admissions

Referrals to New Life’s Residential Program for Boys and Girls originate with a county Children & Youth Service (CYS) worker or probation officer who contacts the Director of Admissions (Intake) or Director of Residential Services. A referral packet should include:

  • A completed application for admission Educational background and testing
  • A social summary, family information and history
  • Psychological/ psychiatric assessments if available

After a review of the information a pre-placement interview takes place. After completion of this process, a determination is made as to the referred client’s appropriateness for placement. Upon acceptance, the county worker is notified, an admission date is provided and an admittance packet is forwarded to the family/county worker for completion.

Service planning for each young man or woman begins immediately upon admission. Each client has an Individual Service Plan which is developed during the first 30 days of their residential stay and then modified and updated as needed throughout the remainder of the residential placement.

For 24/7 intake assistance, or for additional information, please contact Quin Pastin at 215-272-4668 or email: