Bill Alexson Visits New Life Campus, November 12, 2013

Reported by New Life Academy student: Bruce Capwell

Over the past years, New Life Youth and Family Services has hosted a number of guest speakers. Although each speaker has his or her own special way, a man named Bill Alexson stands out from the rest.

Bill Alexson is a man of many talents. He grew up in a family of baseball lovers, his father having been a major league player, but that didn’t distract Bill from his true goal in life. That goal was to be a basketball player.

Although some struggles occurred on the court, it only motivated him to do better. That motivation landed him on a pro basketball team in Greece. Only later would Bill sustain an injury, ending his career in pro basketball. Still, his motivation would lead him to great heights.

Through his journey, Bill started the Chaplain Program in the National Basketball League. Bill Alexson served for over twenty years as chaplain with the Boston Celtics. Thanks to Mr. Bill, every team in the NBA has a chaplain.

Bill Alexson’s love for Christ led him to start a professional basketball team, SportsPower International. This team travels all over the world to perform basketball exhibitions and clinics, but then after each game he teaches and preaches about the word of God. Bill Alexson seems to not only have a passion for basketball but a passion for God!

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