Children and youth need foster care home placements for a variety of reasons.

  • They have been emotionally, physically, or sexually abused
  • Their parents have physical or mental incapacities
  • They are abandoned
  • Their parent(s) abuse drugs, alcohol, or other chemicals
  • The child has behavioral or emotional problems
  • The child has lost a parent through separation, divorce or death

Foster families provide skilled and caring substitute families for these children and youth to live with until their own serious family problems are resolved. Foster families provide children and youth with the guidance, discipline, and safety they would give their own children. They work with New Life and the child welfare agency to address their special needs until the child can return to his own family, live independently, or move on to a permanent adoptive home.

Foster parents are exceptional people. They represent different ages, races, and income levels. Most foster parents have biological or adopted children living at home. Some have never had children of their own, and still others have reared their own children to adulthood. There are foster parents who go to your church, work with you at your office or factory, or live in your neighborhood.

Foster parents love children and want to share their home and family with those who need a warm and loving environment. They possess patience, a sense of humor, flexibility, perseverance, and maturity. They are stable adults who understand that if we do not help our children now, our future is uncertain. Foster parents choose to make a difference in a child’s life in this very personal way.

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