New Life’s West Chester Day Treatment is a therapeutic program serving adolescent males and females who have been referred Chester County Children Youth and Family, or Juvenile Probation or the students home school district.A team approach is utilized to provide individual, group, and family counseling, educational services, and independent life skills training.The goal of these services is to help the young person improve competency and accountability in the school, family and community in a manner beneficial to all.The specific goal for each student is developed individually in an Individual Service Plan. In most cases, that goal is to return to public school and graduate.


  • Documentation of client/family progress and treatment planning via monthly reports
  • Provision of information for court/administrative reviews, school meetings and appearance at such when requested by the referring agent, parent or client
  • Provision of case reports for each client in accordance with state regulations


  • Students are placed in one of two self-contained classrooms (grades 7-9 and 10-12)
  • Older students who intend to enter the job market rather than complete their high school education are given the opportunity to prepare for the GED while completing independent life skills course material. Students preparing to go on to college are given the opportunity to prepare for SATs


  • Individual Counseling – Once per week for 45 minutes; additional time is provided if clients wish to see their counselor or their counselor needs to see them
  • Group Therapy – Twice per week; topics are designed to raise students’ consciousness and clarify service
  • Family Counseling – Once per month; additional family counseling is available if deemed necessary by the family, the counselor, or the referring agency