YOU Can Make A Difference

From the very beginning, the incredible New Life story has been one of amazing people working together to bring help to the hurting and hope to the hopeless. It is impossible to comprehend the number of lives that have been changed forever as a direct result of the kind and generous participation of our partners. We are profoundly grateful to the thousands that have been a part of this wonderful journey and warmly welcome you, your church or organization to come join us and be a part of something truly special. Here are just a few of the many ways you can make a difference right now:


Perhaps the most important form of support for us is through prayer, for our students, our leadership and staff, and for God’s guidance and protection. We have seen Him do wonderful things in individual lives and in the life of the organization in answer to prayer. We are so thankful for the faithful who have prayed for New Life and who continue to do so.


Getting involved with New Life is an incredibly rewarding experience. Many volunteers come looking to help change a life only to discover that it was their life that was changed forever from the experience. No matter what your talents, you can absolutely make a difference.

  • Get your church or organization involved. New Life serves kids from all over our region. Getting involved with children from your neighborhood is a great way for them to make a very real difference right now!
  • Sharing your hobby or skill with our children gives them tremendous hope for the future. For many, this may be the very first time in their lives that they will experience a positive child/adult relationship that they can emulate. Your mere presence shows them that you are serving out of love for them and for our Creator.
  • Involve your church or organization with kids from your neighborhood. Think you’re too far away to get involved? Children at New Life come from all surrounding counties and it is quite special for them to develop a bond with role models from their home town. We’d love to talk to your church or organization about our Hometown Church program.
  • Help with the many needs of the facilities. New Life is home to a “family” of 30 – 60 children, and just like any residence is always in need of upkeep. Whether you are a handyman, painter, landscaper or just want to help with some odds and ends, we can’t tell you how much your help will be appreciated.
  • Tell A Friend! Know someone that is seeking to get involved in something meaningful and fulfilling? Please tell them about New Life! We have amazing opportunities for people of any age and would absolutely love the opportunity to connect.


It is quite simple. New Life Youth & Family Services would not exist without the financial support of the individuals, churches and businesses that make the incredible, life changing work at New Life possible. God continues to bless New Life with the generosity of others and it is impossible for us to adequately express our gratitude for the gifts that literally change lives every single day.

While many are not able to giving regularly, we are unspeakably grateful for the generosity of the friends and family of New Life who have given in non-typical ways. Here are 7 ways many have chosen to support the ministry of New Life Youth & Family Services:

  • Invite your church or organization. We warmly welcome you, your church or organization to come experience the amazing work being done at New Life 365 days a year. We would love the opportunity to discuss the incredible opportunities available through including New Life in your missions
  • Make New Life a beneficiary of your personal will.
  • Give appreciated stocks, bonds or other assets.
  • Make New Life a beneficiary of your, or your spouse’s, pension plan or IRA.
  • Make New Life a beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy.
  • Establish a charitable remainder trust or charitable lead trust with New Life as the designated charity.
  • Honor loved ones with honorary or memorial gifts to New Life.

New Life Youth & Family Services is a non profit, 501(c)3 organization committed to be the best steward of all gifts provided. All financial gifts are tax deductible.