Brett’s Place – A Tranquil Place of Hope And Healing.

Like so many of the facilities on the New Life campus, Brett’s Place has a touching story and some absolutely incredible people whose profound generosity and compassionate spirit made it possible.

“Brett’s Place” is named for Brett Allen Turner, who was born on July 4, 1969, in the hospital at West Point Military Academy in West Point, New York. Brett came into the world blessed with his mother’s hopes, dreams and prayers that he, her firstborn, would live a wonderful life. He grew into a handsome, intelligent and talented young man.

But a young person’s life, however good, can still suffer from personal challenges, difficult issues, and many unanswerable questions, as Brett’s life did. At the age of 21, when he felt his hill had become to steep to climb, Brett took his own live on December 4, 1990.

Brett’s story shows that, even in a loving and nurturing environment, growing up is not easy. In a less than ideal environment, it is even harder. The young women who live at “Brett’s Place” find a safe haven that provides the guidance they need to overcome the challenges they face, and will help them to become successful, productive and caring members of the community, living happy and fulfilling lives.

In the memory of Brett Turner, his loving grandparents Tom and Ruth Wolford, and Joslyn Turner, “Brett’s Place” was dedicated by his mother Beth and his “father” Ross Myers, who will always hold a place in their hearts for the boy who meant so much to them.